Waterproofing Your Showers before Applying the Tiling

Your showers may look waterproof but that does not really mean they actually are.  Even in the instances where you have sealed the grout joints in your showers, it is still possible for water to penetrate in between the tiles that have been used on the shower walls along with floors and go on to cause some disastrous damage in the house.

When moisture seeps through and accumulates in the floor structure of your home or the wall cavities of the house, it is likely to create very conducive conditions for the growth of mold in your home. Your home will have a damp feeling that makes it a less than conducive place for habitation.

Of course you do not have to grapple with these unhealthy conditions when your shower is properly installed with the right waterproofing membrane systems. When the tile shower is properly installed using the best practice building techniques, it will not just be hygienic but largely maintenance free. It also gives your showers a kind of luxurious look that makes them very pleasant places to enjoy a shower in. Proper installation of the waterproofing membrane systems is key to a very healthy lifestyle.

waterproofing membrane system

Proper membrane installation will also assure you of the luxurious look and feel in your bathroom that is really unmatched by other kinds of materials.  With proper installation of the waterproofing membrane systems using the best membrane materials in the industry, any possibility of leaks and growth of mold as a result of penetration by the moisture from the showers is completely eliminated.

The drain system or the membrane system must, however, be installed before the actual tiling during the shower construction or maintenance process. For installers, this is a big breakthrough and great innovation for building the clean, hygienic and elegant bathrooms and showers which do not pose any health risks to the occupants of the house. An additional advantage of these waterproofing membranes is that they are also vapor-tight and can therefore be applied reliably in the Jacuzzis and the steam rooms.

Waterproofing the bathrooms or showers before the installation of the tiling

Here is a step-by-step process on how you can install the waterproofing membrane systems on your bathroom or shower installations:

Step 1: In case you have an existing wall in your shower rooms, you will begin by removing this fast. You can begin by removing the shower fixtures first.  Take the requisite safety measures such as turning the power off and removing all the electrical outlets and installations that may have been installed on the tiled walls.

Step 2: You can break the old tiling installations using a hammer and a chisel. Do the same when you will be breaking the grout lines in the installations. The process might seem slow at first but you be will be able to proceed with speed once you have grasped and got used to it.

Step 3: Thoroughly clean both the wall and the floor area where you plan to apply the waterproofing membrane. Take this step in order to remove any dirt and dust that may be on the surface.  Once you have done this, apply a Primer coat liberally on this surface with the use of a brush.

Step 4: In the waterproofing kit that will be applied on your shower or bathroom floor, there is always a tube of sealer to be used in the installation process. This is to be applied on the internal corners of both the walls and the floors of the shower area. One of the best sealers to use is the Neutral Cure Silicone Sealer.

Step 5: Apply the pre-mixed membrane on the internal corners of the shower rooms using a paint brush.

Step 6: Lay out a reinforcing mat on the floor and smoothen it into the fresh wet membrane that you have just applied. This always comes as part of the waterproofing kit.

Step 7: Add a second layer of the waterproofing membrane over the mat. You can add it both around the taps and in the penetrations. With the use of paint roller, ensure that all the surfaces have been covered. After the first coat has dried, apply a second one and leave to dry for 24 hours.

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