The Most Essential First Aid Skills to Learn

It is no secret that learning first aid is highly essential. It is a skill that you can use at home, in the workplace, or basically anywhere. Since you have no way to predict when it might be needed, it is important to take up first aid course Frankston or your local area in Australia has to offer. This will prepare you to provide help and assistance in emergency situations.

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When it comes to first aid, CPR is often the first thing that people would think. CPR stands for cardio pulmonary resuscitation. This is one of the most important skills you will learn during a Frankston first aid course. It involves chest compression and breathing techniques in order to restore breathing pattern of an individual.

It is important to constantly update your CPR knowledge because the standards have changed since five years ago, or so. The changes were incorporated to ensure that the risk of damage to the ribs and chest area can be reduced. CPR is important for those who have drowned or suffocated in order to restore normal breathing pattern.

Treating Shock

Learning how to treat shock is another important life survival skill that you can learn as part of the first aid course in Frankston. Shock is a typical effect on anyone who had been exposed to traumatic events. Injury is different from shock; the injuries are easy to address because they are visible. But shock isn’t something that is evident right away but when left untreated could result in fatality. Visit us at NIET

As part of any first aid course Frankston has to offer, you will learn to identify the symptoms of shock and ways to treat it.

Stop Bleeding

When you respond to a scene of accident and you see someone injured, bleeding is very likely. Your ability to stop or control bleeding can be the difference between saving a life or fatality. To be specific, you will learn to identify arterial bleeds when you go into a first aid course. When arterial bleeding is not controlled immediately, the patient could bleed to death.

Arterial bleeding can be easily identified by its bright red color. You must then apply pressure to the area and bandage it using clean fabric or cloth. This will help keep the blood from flowing. If you know how to make a tourniquet, which would also be helpful in controlling the amount of blood that comes out of the wound.

Treating Hypothermia or Hyperthermia

The ability to treat hypothermia or hyperthermia is another valuable skill to have. When you try to find first aid course Frankston has today, make sure that they include this in the course. Hypothermia happens as a result of prolonged exposure to low temperature or extreme cold conditions. On the other hand, hyperthermia is also known as heat stroke. This is when your body is exposed to extreme heat causing the body’s temperature to rise! Both conditions are potentially deadly. Your ability to provide immediate care to regulate body temperature can be a matter of life and death.

Want to learn these basic first aid skills? You can enroll for a first aid course Frankston has to offer at The website offers both short and professional courses so you can pursue the learning according to how you want to use your skills.

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