No More Copier Breakdowns; A Great Solution Found

Copiers are robust machines by manufacturing standards and they generally perform well when newly installed. However regular usage as happens in the offices and copy centers leads to some operational breakdowns which if handled wrongly can lead to permanent breakdown. It is important to look out for exceptional photocopier maintenance services as any malfunction more than a paper jam requires expert guidance.

exceptional photocopier maintenance

Choosing A Copier For Your Business

The most important consideration is the size or volume of your printing work. Consider the number of copies that you make per month. If you make less than 5000 copies/month, desktop printer and copier may be preferred while if you do more than this you may need to have the larger standing models. The cost of operation is also important. Inkjet copiers are considerably cheaper to purchase but have much higher running and maintenance costs compared to those using toners.

Common failures of photocopier and printer machines

  • Paper jams; can be caused by paper size problems and dust on the machine.
  • Lines developing on finished copy; various causes such as foreign substances on paper, drum malfunction, or even developer unit malfunction. Faulty drum blade and fusers may also cause this problem. Copier service done to maintain the ink heads, clean rollers clear out dust and debris from the machine greatly minimizes this kind of problem.
  • Toner problems; low or empty cartridges and toners; misalignments may also lead to malfunctioning of the machine.
  • Wrinkled and damaged pages may arise due to various reasons but commonly due worn-out feeding systems.
  • Very light or Very dark copies; could result from worn out drum or printer settings.
  • Random dots on the finished copy could result from damaged drum and toner and quick servicing is required.

“Prevention is better than cure” and with all these problems, it is crucial to get help from people offering exceptional photocopier maintenance services and avoid unnecessary work interruptions. It is also important to contact people offering prompt photocopier repairs, who can help in times of such occurrences.

Photocopier Warnings

These are basic usage tips that can help reduce possible damage to your copier. They include…

  • Avoid copying paper that has wet white out on them as it may stick to the glass and cleaning is difficult.
  • Transparencies must be only those recommended for copiers because some will melt out and damage the drum.
  • Staples and pins can damage the glass or get stuck leading to damage on the original.
  • Ink cartridges should be used at least once in two weeks to avoid ink drying out and damage the nozzles.

Printer and Copier Best Maintenance Practices

For long life and equipment durability, it is recommended to have a scheduled preventive maintenance program handled by experts. Printer Repair center offers exceptional photocopier maintenance services, guaranteeing great performance and durability of the equipment. You can also book a service for your photocopier with them and expect a renewed and refreshed photocopier. They are experienced servicing of all printer models and will guide you on best practices to ensure maximum performance of your equipment.

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