Add a Modern Vintage Look with the Silver Tolix Stool

The Tolix stool is an icon of industrial esthetics. The chair is a continuation of the reputation or style of industrial furnishings and was built in 1934 by a Burgundy based manufacturer. These original dining chairs introduced in 1950 were stackable and made of steel. If you are a fan of the Mid-Century furniture, then you are guaranteed to love these beautiful industrial pieces of furniture.tolix stool

For the past fifty to sixty years, these beauties have graced numerous venues particularly the bars, the counters and the draft tables. They offer perfect furniture pieces that you can use as a rehearsal to headline any home. The surface of the Tolix stools has been varnished in order to preserve the many individual variations of the metal used in manufacturing these tools. For outdoor usage of these tools, a coat of lacquer is typically added.

This chair is so iconic that it has been added to the Collections of the Vitra Design Museum. The Tolix stool is a legendary chair and was crafted from a metal sheet. It provides great solidity and it is very light in weight. It is very easy to maintain and is also relatively inexpensive. The Tolix stool design brand name originates from Xavier Pauchard, a pioneer of galvanisation who was based in Burgundy. His company made household galvanized sheet metal items for domestic use. Back then, these were considered luxury items for any home. The trademark TOLIX was registered in 1927 and the company converted its production from that of household items to that of the silver Tolix stools, armchairs, chairs and other innovative metallic furniture items.

The originator of the Tolix stools amongst other furniture items from the same brand conceived different models of these furniture items which can be stackable, rustproof and also robust pieces of furniture. These furniture pieces are widely used in shop floors, factories, offices, hospitals and even the outdoors. You will also see them in the outside terraces and even in the public parks. The family business continued producing the Tolix stools until 2004.

The Tolix brand was revived by Chantal Andriot. A former financial director of the company, Chantal injected her passion and loyalty of the brand and brought Tolix back to life. Today the company still maintains the same reputation for quality and innovation in the production of the Tolix stools. Most of the furniture produced by the company in Burgundy are exported abroad including to the UK.

In the UK, you can buy the Tolix stools and other innovative Mid-Century furniture from the Metro Furniture. The furniture is genuine and with the same standards of the industrial workmanship that you would expect in the original Tolix furniture.

These are great furniture pieces with true legitimacy. If you want to capture the magic of the mid-century furniture, they are the best options to choose. At Metro Furniture, you will find genuine, quality and original pieces. The furniture retailer also sells great leather Barcelona chairs and eames office chairs. For additional information on the modern classic furniture, check out

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